Route options in inclusive museums: Case studies from Central Europe

Natália Filová, Lea Rollová, Zuzana Čerešňová

Cite this article Filová, N., Rollová, L., Čerešňová, Z. (2022) ‘Route options in inclusive museums: Case studies from Central Europe’, Architecture Papers of the Faculty of Architecture and Design STU, 27(1), pp. 12-24.   SUMMARY Museums play an important role in the society, as they offer valuable experiences of discovery, education, art, play and […]

SUMMARY As museum concepts we consider unrealised visions of museums or realised museums which brought exceptional ideas influencing the directions of museum architecture. Museum concepts have accompanied the museum since its begins or more precisely emerged even earlier when museum wasn’t a profiled autonomous type of institution and building yet and when partial problems leading […]

SUMMARY In the past few decades, we experienced significant development of construction and renovation of various museums worldwide. In spite of the potential for great popularity of these cultural institutions, the traditional museum presentation in showcases is no longer enough to attract a wider audience. The attractiveness can be enhanced through appropriate architectural solutions and […]