SUMMARY The paper attempts to analyse the presence of the term movement in the architectural theory and practice. Its aim is to confront the two clearly contradictory entities, movement and architecture. Movement represented by dynamic actions and architecture, on the other hand, by stability. Despite of their contrastive character both components need each other which we […]

SUMMARY The article is part of the PhD thesis Architecture in Movement / Movement in Architecture which analyses the presence of the term ‘movement’ in the architectural theory and practice, as well as in architectural history. We are especially interested in movement as process and its presence in Slovak architecture. In this article we focused on movement as process […]

SUMMARY The term “Play” is naturally associated with children. It is the basis of emotional well-being and mental health of a child and affects its balanced development, whether psychologically or physically. “Play” is such an important component of human life that the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has acknowledged “Play” as […]