Living and work

Ľubica Selcová, Sandra Pavlová

SUMMARY The connection of functions of living and work was obvious in the past. In the period of nationalisation, the segregation of these two functions was preferred. This topic has become part of recent social and economic changes in our society. The future process of connection of these two functions will, however, be different from […]

SUMMARY The phenomenon of an aging population in developed countries is becoming a society-wide issue. It needs to be addressed interdepartmentally through lifelong education, focusing on health issues, as well as long-term care for the elderly and other forms of social services. For this reason, nursing homes offering long-term care for seniors represent a current […]

A place for a big family

Kateřina Katovská

SUMMARY The article is dedicated to family housing and, above all, to housing options for large families in a city centre. It describes an example of protected housing and highlights the problems related to living in the city centre, which appears to be growing large, along with its impact on the development of such cities […]

SUMMARY The rapid growth of urbanization has become chaling for research for most countries in world. Although the theme of urbanization is new in Afghanistan, but lately this sector is attracted to national and international entities in Afghanistan. This is considered to be one of the biggest obstacles that hinder achieving a sustainable future development, […]