Smart building

Lazarus Kanhukamwe

SUMMARY This article is available only in Slovak without a summary.

SUMMARY An obvious characteristic feature of current architectural projects should be their energetic economy and sophistication. Such trend is in the long term run required the European Union. The architectural point of view will certainly not be sufficient to accomplish the targets of the 20-20-20 strategy envisioned for the year 2020. It will be inevitable […]

SUMMARY Cities originate from more simple settlements. Before the city, there was a hamlet and a shrine and a village; before the village, a camp, a cache, a cave. As the food producer, the village is closely linked with the city. However, the city concentrates more complex energy-exploitative human activities such as industry, transport, but […]

Houses need slaves

Stanislav Števo

SUMMARY The article deals with the energy aspect of modern houses – housing in the context of the overall life cycle assessment. It describes many misconceptions of energy and environmental assessments of buildings, which lead together with cheap fossil fuels – “energy slaves” to current unsustainable standard of living. In many examples the senseless spiral […]