SUMMARY The new meanings of expressions „observer“ and „display“. What does remain in the new organization of space for virtual display and what are the new elements of filmmaking? The communication in virtual space, interactivity. The demands of communication and creativity in cyberspace, speed and changeovers in perception, objects of attention changeability.

SUMMARY This is a contribution to the debate about the term „Digital Architecture“ as it is viewed in our cultural context. Some fundamental questions are posed to orient it into the coordinates of our present-day knowledge – about virtuality, non-linear tectonics, new aesthetics, new revolution. As the debate continues, the result still remains open to […]

SUMMARY Our aim to lead a dialogue on nonconformist procedures for parametric design with targeted use of the power of the computer and sophisticated scripting techniques with the use of a computer algorithm, respectively a code, as a symbol of the culture of ALGORITHMIC ARCHITECTURE (ALGO-tecture). A computer algorithm is therefore our recipe for a […]

SUMMARY The field represents a fairly frequent expression in architectural language. Its frequent use and usage is widespread and offers many interesting interpretations and connotations. In their works, many theoreticians relate to the phenomenon, either directly or indirectly. The issue is very topical, especially in relation to architectural thinking where the theory of fields influences the […]

SUMMARY Identifying, defining, evaluating and criticizing the basic terms or principles of chaos and looking for analogies occurring in chaotic structures in exact sciences and art (literature, music, film) provides a platform for understanding experimental research on the creation of chaotic systems in architecture. The project aims to be not only a theoretical work, but […]

SUMMARY Today our world seems to be unstable and full of changes. The system, in which we have believed in, provides us no longer with the feeling of security. Some talk about the end of the world, others about conversion. How does architecture response to these changes? Does it response at all? Are the instability […]