SUMMARY The article deals with the phenomenon of the region’s cultural identity loss and efforts to save it through design. Region is a geographically separated area of the state which has been shaped into its current form by various geological, geopolitical and socio-cultural factors. As a result of these influences, a unique regional culture with […]

SUMMARY Advertisement is an inherent part of the urban interior, which becomes the most spotted and most presented aspect of the historical centre through direct contact with its visitors. It is the advertisement and commercial public spaces, which are part of a town’s ambience along with other components of the urban interior. In spite of […]

SUMMARY The DANUrB cultural network aims to strengthen the Danube regional cultural identity and to create a common brand by supporting transnational cultural ties between the urban centres along the Danube, and by exploring the unused or hidden cultural and social capital resources for a better economic and cultural return. The main goal of the […]