SUMMARY Landscape is a vital part of our natural and man-made environment and is considered by many to be one of most important components of a healthy, enjoyable life. During the latter part of this century, we have witnessed its vulnerability in the face of its economic growth and social change. Often, we have failed […]

Cite this article Vitková, Ľ., Lemak, O. (2021) ‘Interaction of landscape and settlement structures in the Danube region’, Architecture Papers of the Faculty of Architecture and Design STU, 26(1), pp. 30-38.   SUMMARY When evaluating the quality of urban structure and especially urban spaces, urban planners and landscape architects observe the following aspects: location, […]

Editorial 1/2021

Melinda Benkő

Cite this article Benkő, M. (2021) ‘Editorial’, Architecture Papers of the Faculty of Architecture and Design STU, 26(1), p. 1.   ”You can dial an associate on the phone and talk to him. But you cannot run into him on the phone; the chance encounter in a restaurant, on a street, only happens where […]


Daniel Furdík

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SUMMARY It has been observed that planning policies and design guidance in developed western countries significantly differ from the ones used in our country. This paper briefly explores the changes of urban form and public space in the course of 19th and 20th century following the evolvement of the theoretical approaches and practices of urban […]

SUMMARY The city is regarded as the most complex physical expression of the political, economic, cultural and ecological aspirations of each civilization. The concept of the classical city must be replaced by the new idea of the metapolis. This idea refers in a radical way to the depth of changes which expose the contemporary city […]