Cite this article Mazouz, F., Triqui, M. (2024) ‘New Moorish architectural identity in Tlemcen, Algeria’, Architecture Papers of the Faculty of Architecture and Design STU, 29(1), pp. 9-18.   SUMMARY In Algeria, the city of Tlemcen is home to 60% of the country’s Arab-Islamic architectural heritage. This heritage is also known as Moorish. During […]

SUMMARY Ecological architecture, as a relevant attitude towards fundamental principles of architectural design, is still taking shape; the essence and outward forms of this phenomenon are being sought worldwide. For ecological architecture, are typical expression and conceptual subjectivity. That is why there has been a wide spectrum of architectural “genres” and movements associated with this concept; […]

SUMMARY Our world comprises material “phenomena” and feelings evoked by places, spaces, and works of art… The city of Banská Štiavnica has developed into a complex environment since the 12th century including its urban spaces and houses which are being conserved. But there is also something what we can call genius loci, that is as […]