Corporate identity of industrial architecture By Ľubica Ilkovičová Architecture of buildings for industrial production is typologically one of the youngest architectural types. It has gone through a relatively complicated way for more than two hundred years of industrial development, related with modern and mostly nameless or worthless seventies in the twentieth century architecture, through architectural […]

Why do we call it transformation of a monument? By Katarína Vošková Our world comprises material “phenomena” and feelings evoked by places, spaces, and works of art… The city of Banská Štiavnica has developed into a complex environment since the 12th century including its urban spaces and houses which are being conserved. But there is […]

Successful school By Branislav Jelenčík The aim of this paper is to map the issue of the success of a school (faculty) through the prism of exact, objective criteria and other influencing factors. Those criteria result not only from the academic world, or from the regulations of state institutions. i analyze this problem by means […]

What kind of a scientific problem a city is? By Kristína Staněková This paper briefly summarizes the progress of scientific thinking in the course of 20th century focusing on the emergency of system theory and its implications for urban design research. This is done in the quest for the verified method and conceptual framework applicable […]

Fire of St. Martin’s Cathedral tower in Bratislava in 1833 and its consequences: A probe into “the history of ordinary life” of the town of Prešporok/Pressburg By Patrik Baxa The study focuses on the great fire of the tower of St Martin’s cathedral in Bratislava (formerly Pressburg, until 1919) caused by lightning on 12 June […]

Universal design in the tourism sector By Lea Rollová People with disabilities have the right to travel and they want to enjoy traveling and leisure experiences. However, their travel experiences are still characterized by transportation constraints, inaccessible accommodation and touristic sites, and inadequate customer services. There has been a call on the tourism providers to […]

The use of trees in the urban environment By Katarína Gécová It is the aim of any society to create optimal housing and living conditions for its inhabitants. Fast growth and development of settlements and urbanization in general resulted in numerous factors that have negative impacts on our environment. This process leads to the elimination […]

The new Sans Souci in Iliašovce: Forgotten landscape By Katarína Kristiánová In looking at landscapes we perceive their present state first of all. However, some facts in the memory of landscapes are not visible, or are not obvious at the first glance. That is the case of the forgotten landscape – French Baroque-Rococo garden in […]