New opportunities for increasing the renovation rate of buildings By Manfred Sonnleithner A Renovation Wave for Europe – greening our buildings, creating jobs, improving lives is the message of the European Commission of 14 October 2020. This initiative was already announced in “The European Green Deal” in December 2019 and confirms the urgency of the […]

CPTED – essential methodological concepts: Crime prevention – environmental crime By Julián Keppl, Robert Špaček Criminality is a phenomenon as old as human civilisation itself and is a worldwide occurrence.  The fight with criminality oscillates between restriction and prevention. The global nature of criminality naturally means international cooperation, in the field of prevention as well. A particular […]

Universal design: Antidiscrimination challenge By Mária Samová It is inevitable to apply new approach in design of physical life environment, in particular, within the context of human ecology and respect for basic human rights and freedom. Architecture, urban planning and design, as well as civil engineering and industrial design are fields that fundamentally affect the […]

Slovakia, or what could be the meaning of the architectural periphery? By Henrieta Moravčíková In words of art historian Ján Bakoš Slovakia is characterized as a “crossroad of cultures” whose particularity lays in “the sharp clashes of intense but evanescent impulses on the one hand and long-lasting up to conservative traditions” on the other hand. […]

Education concepts in landscape architecture By Katarína Kristiánová Landscape architecture requires a broad knowledge in the field of natural and biological sciences, in the field of art, architectural and urban planning disciplines. The diversified nature of the profession is reflected in the diversity of study programmes. The study programmes of landscape architecture are, in general, […]

  Experiment in theory of architecture: Workshop as a research method By Alexandra Dubovcová The article is dedicated to the experimental 3D Workshop (it took place from 3.8. – 8.8. 2015) which represents one of the research methods of the dissertation thesis Film cities – Visions, Utopias, Futurism. Up to now, research lacked practical verification […]

The beginnings of modernism in the garden and landscape architecture and its development in Slovakia By Katarína Kristiánová Modernism appeared in the garden and landscape architecture as a reflection of modernist trends in art and architecture. In early 1900s and especially in the period in between the two World Wars, the garden design gradually changed […]

Čičmany ornaments in graphic and product design By Katarína Zbudilová The aim of the article is to map the development of ornaments from Čičmany village, their “journey” from the past to the present day, as they are currently the most used Slovak folk pattern, especially in the graphic and product design. In the beginning, the […]

Fortifications in Slovakia from architects’ perspective: The current state of knowledge of fortification systems – results of 20 years of research conducted at the FA STU By Jana Gregorová City walls and castle fortifications in Slovakia constitute an important segment of the cultural heritage, national history and the history of architecture; therefore, it is very […]