Architectural studies in the European higher education area: Criteria for student degree mobility By Dimitra Konstantinidou The European Higher Education Area, implemented after the Bologna Process and with the assistance of the European Union, brought together 49 countries, both members and non-members of the EU, in an attempt to make the higher education system in […]

Assessing the urban design qualities of the urban street: A case study of Sylhet, Bangladesh By Mohammad Tanvir Hasan, Mustafizur Rahman and Tanjami Siddika The growing tendency of reckless urbanization in many cities of Bangladesh has upstretched force on an urban street, one of the features of urban structure which ties many areas and scope […]

Alpine huts: Architectural innovations and development in the High Tatras until the first half of the 20th century By Mária Novotná The traces of history in the alpine environment reveal how the colonization climbed up the terrains and transformed them into exploited slopes. The paper examines the reflections on architecture discourse in the High Tatras. […]

Challenges in sustaining resilience in the coastal settlements of south-eastern Bangladesh: Achieving self-sustenance through architectural synthesis       By Anika Imraana Sohaana and Md Arifur Rahman Climate change has adversely impacted the occurrence and frequency of natural hazards, which is currently a prime global concern, particularly in low-lying countries. Bangladesh’s coastal communities are historically and geographically vulnerable […]

Vertical farms Ing. arch. Michaela Kesanová, PhD. The dissertation thesis focuses on vertical farms and maps the current state of their concept in the global context. It concentrates on the process of architectural design and examines the requisites of the creation of designs of vertical farms at the study stage. Furthermore, it clarifies the term […]

Pandemic as an impulse for the development of sustainable tourism along the Danube river By Ľubica Vitková, Dominika Štrbíková The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is a challenge to the world – primarily from the medical and economic point of view – but also to the search for new forms of tourism and the urban environment. Prior […]

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SUMMARY The scientific-educational conference at the Faculty of Architecture STU in Bratislava brought different opinions but the participants usually did not give a direct answer on the most important questions concerning the future of the Faculty. The organisational structure was found less important than the problems of the type of education, of the curriculum and […]

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