Museums for children? Ing. arch. Natália Bošková Filová, PhD. It is important for the society to offer possibilities to participate in cultural events in museums to all groups of people. Likewise, museums are hugely important in the life of children, playing a role in their education, artistic sensitivity, and socialisation. This dissertation aims at finding […]

Architecture of river harbour areas on the Slovak section of the Danube Ing. arch. Ing. Martin Dubiny, PhD. The harbour infrastructure belongs to the strategic parts of the national economy. Compared to abroad, in Slovakia, harbours are a closed zone, not commonly visited by citizens or tourists. There are three major river harbours on the […]

History of the Bratislava castle restoration Ing. arch. Anna Gondová, PhD. The Bratislava Castle is tangible evidence of the city’s history and the biggest architectural icon in its structural image. It stands for a landmark in terms of the typology of fortification structures and palace buildings in the cultural history of Slovakia. Approximately since the […]

The DIY principle in the contemporary residential interior Mgr. art. Andrea Ďurianová, ArtD. Producing objects for one’s own consumption is a major strand in the historical development of material culture. Making things with one’s own hands can be considered a natural means to satisfy human needs. In the present time, this form of production is […]

Emergent fabrication tools in architecture design: Fabrication tool with embedded logic as agent of emergent design Ing. arch. Tomáš Tholt, PhD. Contemporary discourse of digital architecture and research of computational design are granulated. Nevertheless, we can follow several prevailing topics and tendencies—parametric design, complexity, digital fabrication, emergent design, artificial intelligence, simulations, optimization. The topic of […]

Internal development potential of small and medium-sized towns Ing. arch. Andrea Šeligová, PhD. This dissertation thesis deals with research into the possibilities of sustainable development of small and medium-sized towns within their internal boundaries. The aim is to prevent urban sprawl, suburbanization and low intensity of land use. The thesis was prepared under the DANUrB INTERREG […]

Visual communication design in the municipality development program Mgr. art. Barbora Kopnická, ArtD. This PhD thesis analyses the role of design of visual communication within the processes that support and retain sustainable development in municipalities. The initial data for research are defined by analyzing the utilization of design manual in structure of private and nonprofit […]

Premises of the dynamite Nobel factory in Bratislava Ing. arch. Nina Bartošová, PhD. Since its establishment, the premises of a large-scale chemical works in Bratislava — Nové Mesto, has gone through an intricate development. They grew upon foundations of an explosives factory, founded by the eminent Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel in 1873. During the World War […]

Presentation of the designed artefact Mgr. art. Marián Králik, ArtD. The work of designer doesn’t end with grinding of the last edge, or with spray painting on surface of created object. Genuine designer artefact has potential to attract or impress the observer by its uniqueness and quality; however, in today’s mainstream and commercial age full […]