SUMMARY The article deals with the issue of post-war monument care in the former Czechoslovakia and is a partial result of doctoral research, dedicated to the study of innovations in historical architecture in the second half of the 20th century. After the Second World War, much of the architectural historical heritage in the territory of […]

SUMMARY The paper is an introduction to my thesis entitled “Author’s Conceptions in the European Architecture of the 20th Century”. Specifically, the objective of my study is monographic research into the Slovak artistic-architectural group VAL, which was active from the 1970s to the 1990s. The group consists of the artist Alex Mlynárčik and architects Viera […]

Iranian innovations in mosque lighting techniques: A historical survey

Ahmad Moghaddasi, Mohammad Hossein Moghaddasi, Seyed Behshid Hosseini

SUMMARY The genius of the Iranians in developing environmentally friendly architectural techniques created works of architecture in the deserts of the country which are masterpieces not only from an aesthetic point of view but also from an engineering point of view, and, centuries later, are still highly valued by researchers in various scientific and artistic […]

SUMMARY Climate change has adversely impacted the occurrence and frequency of natural hazards, which is currently a prime global concern, particularly in low-lying countries. Bangladesh’s coastal communities are historically and geographically vulnerable because of periodical cyclones and storm surges associated with salinity intrusion, flash-flooding, and water-logging. Moreover, due to adverse climate change, the vulnerability of […]

SUMMARY Community architecture is gaining popularity for its potential to encourage community interaction and strengthen community ties. It is becoming a contributing tool for community development. Community architecture represents not only the final product of architectural design but also the design process. It covers many kinds of community interventions and efforts of different extent; from […]

SUMMARY The main objective of the study is to examine to what extent the architectural design quality and social sustainability are taken into account in building assessments. As part of the study, criteria of chosen certification systems and profiles relevant to social, aesthetic and design quality have been analysed, evaluated and compared. The following most […]

SUMMARY The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is a challenge to the world – primarily from the medical and economic point of view – but also to the search for new forms of tourism and the urban environment. Prior to mass vaccination, the main strategy to manage a pandemic were non-pharmaceutical interventions. Global travel restrictions and “home” […]

SUMMARY The connection of agricultural production and rural settlements is projected to the organisation of the rural area. These interactions are economical and social, they concern jobs as well as housing. The current trends present return to the life with nature, to the continuity of vernacular architecture. New forms of production enrich the village structure […]