SUMMARY The presented article was originally written as the essay portion of the external Second State Examination on Theory and Methodology of Urban Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Design of Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. Its content was on the theme of recycling and its influence, or rather its inspiration for architecture. […]

SUMMARY Nowadays, the biggest challenge of urban planners is coping with the climate change and applying the principles of sustainability in urban planning, such as compact city concept and inner urban development. Since 1989, Slovak towns and cities have undergone significant expansion across built-up area boundaries, at the expense of agricultural land. New development areas […]

SUMMARY A degree of development of industrial production and the country’s forwardness are mutually related. Revitalisation of the country’s production traditions and crafts in the current modern understanding of technologies should be developed broadly that means in the urban as well as rural environment. We often try to find the proper understanding of the modern […]

SUMMARY This article examines some methods for renewable power resources for Slovakia – solar energy, water-power, wind-power, biomass, geothermal energy. Exploitation of geothermal waters from architectural point of view, solutions of thermo pumps exploiting earth heat, etc., usage of non-conventional power resources and their application in low-energy objects. The energy efficiency of affordable homes must […]

SUMMARY The article tackles the problem of chinchilla breeding. Chinchilla is the smallest herbivorous fur animal. They are bread in cages. The article stresses the need for environmental requirements in the sense of environmental protection as well as the protection of breeder’s labour conditions. Location of family farms of this type and their architectural solution […]

SUMMARY Industrial architecture and its importance is stressed. The project aimes at small operation units and craft production. Their positive development can guarantee the prosperity for the pertinent area. The development of small production units in urban (housing) areas has been corrected with respect to their relation to social, trade and economic, and legislative aspects. […]

SUMMARY Landscape is a vital part of our natural and man-made environment and is considered by many to be one of most important components of a healthy, enjoyable life. During the latter part of this century, we have witnessed its vulnerability in the face of its economic growth and social change. Often, we have failed […]

SUMMARY The newly established social, economic and political conditions of life of a society at the end of the 20th century caused striking changes in structure of retail facilities. The positive effect of this process can be seen in wide selection and accessibility of the range of products, the quality of service and in the […]

SUMMARY The traditional image of the invidual high-rise tower isolated from the urban context and neighbouring buildings is being challenged today by architects who recognize the potential of the multi-functional building type to mediate between functional and aesthetic singularity of the modern tall building and the need to accommodate its functions and scale to the […]