SUMMARY The thick line which in 1989 definitively divided our democratic present from the forty years of socialist period caused that the early post-revolutionary period was full of idealism and hopes for better future. However, the inconsistent settlement with the past resulted in a general refusal of any allusion of the former regime and impeded […]

SUMMARY The article deals with Czech sacral architecture, in particular, historical moment. Because of the slow movement in the architectural area in comparison to politics, a certain zone of immediate historical period is chosen, which corresponds to the speed of architectural evolution. The midpoint of this imaginary zone on the historical axis is the year […]

SUMMARY This article is a summary of information about the textile factory in the city of Beroun and its history. It also deals with its architectural analysis based on the found extensive project documentation and physical inspection of the examined object. The analysed structure is related to important historical milestones. The photographic documentation of the […]

SUMMARY As shown by the comparison of the examples in the paper, it can be said that the architecture of buildings made use of various principles. First of all, the architectural form and decoration of the building was influenced by its function. Next influential elements were the owners and the architects. An influence of foreign […]

SUMMARY Architecture “after guarantee” which already exists sometimes needs only a few to be secondarily used. Community of people who can see a hidden potential in abandoned buildings is growing and they putt pressure on recovery and recycling because nature and its exhaustible sources are to demonstrate that the debt produced by our contemporary lifestyle […]

SUMMARY Conservation and restoration of architecture in ruins in Slovakia has been financially supported since 2012. It covers mainly stabilisation and conservation of ruins in emergency state opening thus a dispute about their new roofs like one of the possible ways of conservation. The ruins located in natural surrounding have been often roofed by a […]

SUMMARY The city of Bratislava has always had a significant military importance due to its strategic location. The introduction of compulsory military service in 19th century made it an important garrison town, too. Apart from building headquarters, schools, hospitals and other military constructions, army focused on construction of barracks, i.e. special military buildings used by […]

SUMMARY The issue of the Restoration of the Bratislava Castle is always connected with the person, who, at that time, led the reconstruction and design works on the castle. Individual parts of the reconstruction can be defined as five restoration periods or  five stages. Dušan Martinček, an architect, preservationist, pedagogue and also a versatile artist, […]

SUMMARY So far, the construction background of the Evangelic church in Trnava, designed by the architect Josef Marek, has not been systematically investigated. Even though that the construction of this interesting building of sacral architecture was preceded by a competition, the forms of participating projects are not known. That is the reason why it is […]