Experience and knowledge from the education of architects at the FA STU

Peter Havaš


The results of the FA STU graduates are comparable with the foreign graduates’ results. There is however a lack in decision making and in speaking foreign languages, which is partly caused by the educational system at the high-school level. To form a new model of curriculum, it is necessary to follow traditions as well as to update the study. The 1st grade level of study seems to be too hectic. The 2nd grade level needs to be improved, and a system of equal participation of departments and lecturers has to be introduced. The credit system is an asset as well as the separation of the final school-leaving exams from the diploma thesis defence. A compulsory one-year practice in the course of study is unrealistic from the Slovak legislation point of view (position of a student following from the amendment of the Act on University Education No. 172/1990 Coll.).

Keywords: quality, experience, knowledge, FA STU, education of architects, comparison