Evaluation of the process of assessing the impacts of the intentions of activities on the environment

Peter Krasnec, Katarína Pavličková

The quality evaluation in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) needs to give attention to at least two facets: the evaluation of the process and to the evaluation of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Assessing the performance of the EIA process can be seen as measuring the efectiveness of EIA. The quality of the EIA can be measured in different ways:
– a step-by-step analysis in which each phase and its interconnections (intention, screening, scooping, EIS preparation, EIS review, final record) are evaluated,
– a holistic approach in which the overall outcome of the EIA process is measured.
We measured in our project “The preparation and realisation of the complex evaluation of the EIA Act implementation in the Slovak Republic” in both ways in the year 1998. The first approach was carried out in the form of filling in a form (in number of 150 projects), which gave us an overview of the step-by-step analysis. The second approach was done in the form of questionnaires which were sent to 30 experts. The results of our project which should be used as a basis for the 5-year evaluation in the year 1999 are described in our article.

Keywords: EIA, impact assessment, environment, 127/1994, evaluation, EIS, project, process, intention of activities