Ethics of shaping in architectural creation

Branislav Somora


Several years ago I collaborated on formulating the Ethical code of the Slovak chamber of architects. At that time, I did not think that this work on the ideological superstructure of the code, and dealing with the behaviour of architects would continue up until now, and lead to this elaboration of the subject called “The Ethics of shaping in architecture.” The appearance of architectural work and its shape has as its essential category, become over the centuries extremely diverse and bordering on the edge of chaos. Today architects have almost unlimited freedom in shaping their works. Is the question justified if we want to know whether the shape of a work as an activity leading to its definite form falls into this category dependent on objective rational facts or dependent only on the author’s irrational choice and application?
The habilitation work consists of two parts entitled “How to start” and “Why in that way” The work is looking for the deeper connections in the necessity of interpretation on the background of the abstract geometric shapes and the theoretical expression of the architect’s many-sided activity.

Keywords: morality, shape, shaping, architecture, conditions, ethics