Endo-parasitic algo-texture in the foyer of the Faculty of Architecture STU

Michal Valúšek


The project solves the design and production of endo-parasitic algo-tecture in the foyer of the Faculty of Architecture Slovak University of Technology with the help of digital technique of scripting in Grasshopper and production technology 3D printing – Laser Sintering. It is a hybrid of multi-disciplinary research that provides new aspects of applying the principles of mathematics, computer geometry, manufacturing technology and artistic aesthetics on the platform of architectural design of complex forms. This creative process represents the knowledge of the parametric design and looks for the optimal solutions of a difficult architectural composition, which is also shown on a physical model done on the appropriate level of professionalism.

Keywords: IT, FA STU, foyer, project, 3D model, parametric, endo-parasitic, algo-texture, algorithm