Teaching of cinematographic imaging at the FA STU

Ľubomír Horník


The Department of video production was established in June 1993. In the pedagogical process it is in charge of the subjects of Videorecording and Audiovisualisation of the subject Architectural Creations. Except for the bases of the film aesthetics (expressive means of a film or a video), the students get involved in other film professions (film directing, film production). In the studio they are being taught how to make documentary films, illustrations to the designs of their studio work or videoclips. There are different subjects for Design as a branch of study, such as: Techniques of Visual Communication and Audiovisualisation of Design Creation. For all the other departments, the Department of video production makes advertising and informative annoucements of important events and video materials for teaching. A deepening cooperation with the other departments is an important assumption for further visualisation of the architectonic creation as well as for the interdisciplinary skills of the FA STU graduates.

Keywords: cinematography, Department of video production, FA STU, film aesthetics, film directing, teaching, film production, film, video