Duna – the birdwatching structure at the Danube river: Case study of a Slovak-Norwegian cooperation

Veronika Kotradyová, Martin Uhrík, Tibor Varga, Cecilie Anderson


This paper presents the case study of the wooden birdwatching platform DUNA located in the natural park of the dam Hrušovská zdrž on the river Danube – the processes of documentation, actual designing and its implementation, i.e. construction, as a joint EWCC student project (Experimental Wooden Climatic Chamber) between the Faculty of Architecture, STU Bratislava in Slovakia and the Bergen Architecture School in Norway. It shows this complex problem in an international and interdisciplinary context, focusing on the way students and teaching staff have managed to deal with it. In the designing phase students had to face many inputs that were often in conflict/contrast, e.g. the need of privacy and silence for the birds, semiprivate character of the space for the birdwatchers and the public space for relax on the adjacent bike route. Additionally they had to work on a completely new and complex topic within an international group of students with different backgrounds. During the building process students moved in the range between modern wood engineering and artistic craftsmanship – this gave them a lot of valuable experiences, knowledge and skills.

Keywords: Hrušovská zdrž, architecture, observation post, birds, cooperation, wood, workshop, Duna