Department of Furniture Design and Wooden Products: The present state and perspectives of development

Štefan Schneider


The study branch “Industrial Design of Furniture” was established at the Faculty of Wooden Products at the University of Technology in Zvolen in 1988. It consists of three departments: the department of fine arts, the department of design, furniture and interior design, and the department of realisation. The winter term of the fourth year is supervised by the Faculty of Architecture in Bratislava, while the summer term of the fifth year is devoted to a diploma project. The bachelor study was introduced in 1994, based on the three-year cooperation with the Austrian Ministry of Education and Art. The graduates are qualified to be sale managers and interior designers in furniture stores as well as private designers. There is a great demand from the side of students of Slovakia and of foreign students too and thus extending capacities and establishing the Institute of Design as an integral force in countries of the Central and Eastern Europe.

Keywords: FWST TU, Department of Furniture Design and Wooden Products, exhibitions, cultural activities, cooperation, Zvolen, graduate profile