Curriculum of the branch of architecture at the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Technology in Vienna

Ingrid Konrádová


The new curriculum, which has come into effect since the 1992-1993 school year, has eliminated disadvantages for the excessive number of students who begin their study and after half of the study course leave the school without any official possibility to recognize their results. Six hours of intensive course-work before the study enable the student to become familiar with the form of study and to get an idea about the architect’s profession. As opposed to the previous system, students start designing in the first grade of study which lasts 4 terms. The lectures are intertwined with the seminars where all 13 institutes of the faculty participate. The second grade of study is oriented towards designing. The student has a right to choose the topic of the studio and the institute where he/she will get his/her degree. The optional subjects are chosen in connection with the studio and compulsory subjects can be selected out of two catalogoues. The optional subjects can be taken at any university in Austria.

Keywords: curriculum, TU Vienna, architecture, elective courses, Austria, selection