Cosmopolitan citizenship of Vladimír Karfík

Daniela Gindlová


The problem of that need of man that lies in self-identification becomes pressing for each man. Man found himself in integration and globalization processes that navigate us to reformulate his feeling of citizenship, either as the Centraleuropeans or as the citizens more and more connected to the world. If we consider in this context disposition and personal potential of Vladimír Karfík, we must admit that in confrontation with personal experience he fulfils his imagination of himself which relates to fulfilling the civic identity in the century of significant political and social changes, as well as with the events of his unusual private and professional life. Mainly his modern citizenship or potential cosmopolitan citizenship provokes from the point of view of running processes of integration and globalisation in the world.

Keywords: integration, Vladimír Karfík, world citizenship, citizenship, self-identification, globalization, cosmopolitan citizenship