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SUMMARY Architecture significantly influences health and well-being of humans because they spend most of their time inside. Poorly designed buildings may cause their users physical and mental discomfort which can lead to various diseases. Recent architectural studies as to how architectural composition affects humans were conducted on already completed buildings. Thanks to the technological progress […]


Branislav Jelenčík

At first glance it might seem that I wish to discuss a topic here that has been stirring not only our alma mater, but the whole globalized word. Though, it is not exactly true. Design in communication and communication in design constitute two independent entities and it is only up to us whether we are able or […]

From 1860s to 1960s, the territory of what is now Slovakia experienced several crucial events that had an impact on its constitutional, national, political, social, economic and cultural situation. In the aforementioned period, instead of being a part of the Habsburg monarchy, Slovakia became a part of the democratic Czechoslovakia in the inter-war period, then an independent […]

SUMMARY In the past few decades, architectural solutions to hospital facilities in Slovakia have not been able to satisfactorily meet the needs of both the patients and the personnel. In the field of neonatal health care, the crucial factor is the response to the growing number of pre-term infants. In the last decade, the number […]