Boiler room or cyber snack bar?

Ľubomír Horník


The theme of the event in a boiler room was „Crossroads of ideas
and thoughts“ and the goal was to create a meetings point of
various, seemingly and practicly incoherent arts. Was it a conflict
of interests of art ambitions and technical products? Or galleries
or presentations of projects for improvement of material space?
All was recorded and sent and distributed. And it is traveling by net
as well. For example, the telebridge between FA STU and Luton
Univeristy (Great Britain).

New phenomena, medial culture took control over not only all
kinds of classical massmedia: broadcast (news, music), television,
press, but also books and magazines. The roots are very easily to
be identified – articles, authors, marketing strategies, fashion
styles are not limited to one certain language and one national
culture. On contrary – distributing of medial culture uniformity is
supported.It is based on intertextuality of the main mass media
(movie, television, broadcast, press, books, magazines) and on
the content of commercial obligations. Alongside, mainly in the
information explosion, the leading role is played by AV media.

The cult object of households in the age of institutionalized
postmodernism, is a television set. It deluged the spectator by
incoherent, sometimes conflict pictures that cast doubt upon any
sense of an objective meaning. Pastiche, as a lateral form of art
juxtaposition is just a main mass media at many television stations
(i.e. MTV). Incotinuous, disharmonic confusion with garish colour
shapes, disharmonic typography went out of television screens to
beyond boundaries of avant-garde art to typography area – book
covers, magazine covers and mass advertisement. Magic
attraction of net communication inspired users to organize
videoconferences, mass exhibitions and to create indirectly
endless space by connection of multimedia environment.
Classical art experienced an acceleration of its history in the time
of modern art as well. Today, in the age of cyberculture, an art was
crystallized, which will soon face the pressure of virtual art.
Impatiently we want to play a restaurant, but we have matured
only to a snack bar. A snack bar is at the very bottom of babylonian
tower and has a little common with cybernetic feasting. Or did not
we want that yet?

Keywords: boiler room, cybernetic buffet, multimedia culture, FA STU, theatre