Banská Bystrica – selected indicators of intensity of land-use of housing estates

Karol Görner


In pursuit of sustainability of our cities we increasingly face the principle of intensification.  A specific issue in this context becomes the intensification of the housing estates from the period of mass housing construction. Nowadays, when master plans of our cities are failing in management of urban development of housing estates, the need for the concept of intensification of housing estates comes to the fore. For better understanding the issue of housing estates, it is necessary to examine the diverse housing estates in the context of the entire city.

The work is aimed at calculation of selected indicators of the land use of the housing estates (Site Coverage, Floor Area Ratio, the Average Number of Ground Floors and the Population Density) within the city of Banská Bystrica. The goal was to compare the identified parameters to each other and to the reference values in terms of potential for their intensification.
The low values ​​of the examined indicators showed that housing estates in Banská Bystrica have a relatively high potential for intensification. Depending on the nature of the particular housing estate, however, the proper forms of intensification will vary.

Keywords: population density, efficiency, Banská Bystrica, intensification, housing estate, residential complex, development intensity