Cite this article Shayegani, A., Joklová, V. (2023) ‘Investigating privacy principles’ formation in vernacular architecture of arid and semi-arid parts of Iran’, Architecture Papers of the Faculty of Architecture and Design STU, 28(1), pp. 3-16.   SUMMARY Traditional Iranian architecture principles have deep roots in this region’s culture, thoughts, and climatic conditions. Privacy, as […]

SUMMARY Practical outputs of the research and innovation of information and communication systems and technologies (such as videoconferences, long-distance teaching and on-line communications, using Internet and HTML pages for architectural studio projects and for long distance education and tutorial) to the academic, research, educational and practical activities in architecture and landscape planning. These principles used […]

SUMMARY Waterfront development is driven by the current global effects of lifestyle changes, increased requirements on urban and living standards, redevelopment of former industrial sites and brownfields, often situated in contact with water elements in the cities. The aim of the development strategies is the flexible, humane, environmentally and socially responsible approach to the existing […]

SUMMARY One of the important outputs of the European project DANUrB is a digital platform that is used for communication and sharing of information among 39 project partners and associated partners, and for communicating the results of the research externally, thus integrating the expert and laic public, municipal authorities and local communities in their cooperation […]