SUMMARY The theme of the event in a boiler room was „Crossroads of ideas and thoughts“ and the goal was to create a meetings point of various, seemingly and practicly incoherent arts. Was it a conflict of interests of art ambitions and technical products? Or galleries or presentations of projects for improvement of material space? […]

SUMMARY The new meanings of expressions „observer“ and „display“. What does remain in the new organization of space for virtual display and what are the new elements of filmmaking? The communication in virtual space, interactivity. The demands of communication and creativity in cyberspace, speed and changeovers in perception, objects of attention changeability.

SUMMARY Differencies and particularity of architecture in film and theatre. Scenography – as abstracts (art work), emotional effect. The difference between architecture of everyday life and scenography. Area story. History of scenography. The conditions of dramatic space creation. What does the architecture bring to film and what does the film make for architecture? The difference […]