SUMMARY This paper explains the importance of barrack objects and campuses and their role in forming the urban structure of the city. Construction of army barracks, as we know them today in the area of recent Slovakia, had begun in the period of wars against Turks. They were initially built as castle fortifications, which have […]

SUMMARY The city of Bratislava has always had a significant military importance due to its strategic location. The introduction of compulsory military service in 19th century made it an important garrison town, too. Apart from building headquarters, schools, hospitals and other military constructions, army focused on construction of barracks, i.e. special military buildings used by […]

SUMMARY The campus of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava is one of the oldest modern campuses in the city, which still remains its original function. During the 20th century, its urban and architectural plans were designed by the best Slovak architects. The primary construction of the campus was divided into three main stages: […]