SUMMARY The meaning of the French gardens today we see, in particular, through the existence of a unique castle, as well as private, historical sites, well preserved and maintained till today, which in varying degrees present the compositional principles of regular style. Many campuses are in private hands and serve as the family seats. Many […]

SUMMARY The turn of the 19th and the 20th century was a turbulent time in terms of political and social situation, as well as cultural development. There was no single style in architecture, but a great array of them reaching from historicism, through vernacularism to art nouveau. For the architecture, it was essential to be […]

SUMMARY The aim of this paper is to introduce the importance and various methods of human-centered design (mainly universal design) in relation to environmental psychology and neuroscience, as well as pointing to the legislative, research and educational conditions in the United States. The contribution is based on six-month research at the Institute for Human-centered Design […]


Irena Dorotjaková

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Lenka Baková Faculty of Architecture STU, Bratislava Ing. arch. Irena Dorotjaková Faculty of Architecture STU, Bratislava Miroslav Fárek Faculty of Architecture STU, Bratislava doc. Ing. arch. Jana Gregorová, PhD. Department of Architecture Faculty of Civil Engineering STU, Bratislava Mgr. art. Mária Šimková Institute of Design Faculty of Architecture STU, Bratislava […]

Fortifications in Slovakia from architects’ perspective: The current state of knowledge of fortification systems – results of 20 years of research conducted at the FA STU By Jana Gregorová City walls and castle fortifications in Slovakia constitute an important segment of the cultural heritage, national history and the history of architecture; therefore, it is very […]

Urban planning in 20th century in Slovakia. Case study Bratislava Ing. arch. Peter Horák, PhD. The dissertation thesis covers two aspects in the development of the city of Bratislava. Zoning, regulatory and directional plans represent the element of the vision. Urban visions drive the development of the city, stimulate and regulate the growth, concept and […]