Democracy and public spaces By Robert Špaček, Ján Legény The emergence of democracy and of the first public space – Agora dates back to the ancient Greece. Urban environment is an essential attribute of development of cultures and civilizations. It concentrates the nature of environment, history, people’s mentality and affects the way and quality of […]

Corporate culture of a successful school: Current situation at the FA STU or Where to pay more attention? By Branislav Jelenčík This paper focuses on the issue of corporate culture, particularly in the environment of the FA STU. Partly, as a tool for the analysis of relationships, values, attitudes, internal policies (author called it metaphorically […]

Alexy, Kava, Trnkus: An attempt to reflect and visualize By Nikola Winková The paper is an attempt to reflect and visualize on the long-life work of the founders of the Slovak urban design school – the practicing architects Alexy, Kavan and Trnkus. The work responds to the exhibition of 3 Professors –Architects – Urban Planners […]

Urban vitality By Silvia Bašová Vivid and bustling city preconditions its further development and is a foundation of a sound urban life. European cities will dominate among the world settlements, from the point of view of a complex urban quality and new urban infrastructure, if they retain the balance of urban factors within the human […]

Architectural design of the social service transformation: De-institutionalization in the architectural context By Lea Rollová, Danica Končeková, Eva Rusňáková The initial phase of transformation of social services, called ‘de-institutionalization’, has started in Slovakia. The transformation is characterized by the change of the system providing social care. Clients of large-scale institutions should gradually move to newly […]

Corporate identity of industrial architecture By Ľubica Ilkovičová Architecture of buildings for industrial production is typologically one of the youngest architectural types. It has gone through a relatively complicated way for more than two hundred years of industrial development, related with modern and mostly nameless or worthless seventies in the twentieth century architecture, through architectural […]

In the mode of classicism: Interior solution for the Zemedelske Museum in Bratislava By Danica Šoltésová In recent years, numerous research studies evaluated the architectural work by Milan Michal Harminc. Archive resources however provide us with new materials documenting a broad extent of his creative activities. The article deals with interior spaces of the former […]

Peter BUDAY (PhD. candidate) Researcher at the Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava Jelica JOVANOVIĆ Project coordinator at the Grupa arhitekata, Belgrade, Serbia Fakulta architektúry STU Vladimir KULIĆ Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture, Florida Atlantic University Magdaléna KVASNICOVÁ Associate Professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Slovak University […]