Ján Legény, Pavel Gregor

The previous year 2019 constituted a turning point for ALFA journal and one can believe this year will be a year full of changes as well. The year 2019 began with a vision of journal’s migration to virtual space and the goal of setting up its own website too. The webpage design process lasted from […]

SUMMARY In the past few decades, we experienced significant development of construction and renovation of various museums worldwide. In spite of the potential for great popularity of these cultural institutions, the traditional museum presentation in showcases is no longer enough to attract a wider audience. The attractiveness can be enhanced through appropriate architectural solutions and […]

Interaction of man and his environment: Human-centred design in the United States By Zuzana Čerešňová The aim of this paper is to introduce the importance and various methods of human-centred design (mainly universal design) in relation to environmental psychology and neuroscience, and to call attention to the legislative, research and educational conditions in the United […]

The concept of conservation and restoration of works of architecture By Pavol Pauliny The history of preservation of historic sites and buildings has been affected by continuous changes and development of views on methods of protection and restoration of architectural heritage. The reasons for these changes in the conceptual approach can be found in the […]

Digital (r)evolution: Development of digital design tools and their impact on architectural design By Tomáš Tholt, Robert Löffler Materialization of an architectural object is accomplished on the basis of a certain form of description – the author’s notation. Architectural drawings or other types of notation act as a stencil. The process of architectural notation is […]

Development in energy-autonomous building renovations and their impact on architecture By Ing. arch. Holger Hasenritter, PhD. The presented work explores the developments in energy-autonomous building renovations and their impact on architecture. First of all, this article will look at the current state of science and technology of the building stock and its energy supply. This […]

Mgr. art. Michal Brašeň, ArtD. Institute of Industrial Design Faculty of Architecture STU in Bratislava, Slovakia michal.brasen@stuba.sk Ing. arch. Irena Dorotjaková Faculty of Architecture STU in Bratislava, Slovakia irena.dorotjakova@stuba.sk MArch, Ing. arch. Roman Hajtmanek Institute of Ecological and Experimental Architecture Faculty of Architecture STU in Bratislava, Slovakia roman.hajtmanek@stuba.sk Univ.-Prof. Dipl. Arch. ETH Dr. Christian Hanus […]

Lego® set as a tool: Enhancing creativity in architecture, urban planning and design By Armando Garcia Teixeira, Ján Legény, Michal Brašeň Architecture as a discipline has the inherent potential of overlapping with areas that do not appear related to its own scope of functions at first sight. Along with town-planning, the discipline is closely linked […]

Interior design as a therapy. Personalization of residential interior in terms of its dimensions Mgr. art. Adriána Hofbauerová, ArtD. The main theme of this dissertation is environmental design – interior design as therapy and its importance in the personalization of the living spaces as a tool for optimal adjustment of housing interior to achieve a full […]