Solar surface area to volume ratio

Roman Hajtmanek, Ján Legény, Peter Morgenstein, Robert Špaček

SUMMARY The paper focuses on the possibilities of the energy performance of buildings in relation to the production of greenhouse gasses during the construction and use of buildings. The discussion is aimed at the options the architects have when preparing the mass designs in the conceptual phase and the reconsideration of the indicator used in […]


Christian Hanus

Interdisziplinarität und Transdisziplinarität als Herausforderung in der universitären Lehre. Bereits seit Jahrzehnten wird an Universitäten die Forderung nach inter- und transdisziplinärer Auseinandersetzung mit wissenschaftlichen Fragestellungen nicht nur in der Forschung, sondern auch in der Lehre postuliert. Bei der Betrachtung der universitären Studienpläne der unterschiedlichen Studienrichtungen aber bleibt die Berücksichtigung dieser Form der Lehre sehr überschaubar, so […]

SUMMARY Architecture as a discipline has the inherent potential of overlapping with areas that do not appear related to its own scope of functions at first sight. Along with town-planning, the discipline is closely linked with mass evaluation, mutual relations of buildings’ volumes impacting on the users’ and inhabitants’ everyday life. Contemporary IT technologies enable […]

What will be the future SAS campus like? History and perspectives of urban and architectural development of the campus of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava By Henrieta Moravčíková, Laura Pastoreková The campus of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava is one of the oldest modern campuses in the city, which still remains […]

The aspects of everyday city life:  A sociological insight into the city By Ján Legény The article provides a sociological insight into the city and its everyday life. As architects and town planners we create a space, the city itself. Lewis Mumford has already stressed that the city and its transformation in time can not […]

SUMMARY Since the second half of the 20th century museum world has experienced incredible transformation.  The increased level of openness both to the society as to the city predicts development of the new scenario of activity and specific planning structure. The deep penetration into the surrounding, the ideological and physical spread on big territories around […]

Museum concepts designed by architects and artists: Evolution of the sight on the museum since its formation until present days By Alexander Schleicher As museum concepts we consider unrealised visions of museums or realised museums which brought exceptional ideas influencing the directions of museum architecture. Museum concepts have accompanied the museum since its begins or […]