SUMMARY The DANUrB cultural network aims to strengthen the Danube regional cultural identity and to create a common brand by supporting transnational cultural ties between the urban centres along the Danube, and by exploring the unused or hidden cultural and social capital resources for a better economic and cultural return. The main goal of the […]

prof. Ing. arch. Jana Pohaničová, PhD. Institute of History and Theory of Architecture and Monument Preservation Faculty of Architecture and Design STU, Bratislava, Slovakia Ing. arch. Miriama Butková Institute of Public Buildings Faculty of Architecture and Design STU, Bratislava, Slovakia Ing. arch. Mária Jurášková, PhD. Department of Cultural Studies Faculty of Philosophy, Constantine […]

Community architecture By Miriama Butková This article is a reaction to an ever-increasing development of active citizenship in the community sector in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. People are gathering more frequently based on their common interests; the number of communities of interest is growing and they are becoming more active as civic associations. I […]

Hotels in the context of the urban environment Ing. arch. Radka Kubaliaková, PhD. The research on hotels in the context of the urban environment focuses on the interaction of a hotel’s location with its function and form, with regard to the optimization of the aspects supporting the hotel’s urbanity in the central urban zone. It […]

SUMMARY The following text outlines a collection of observations made at various occasions between 2017 and 2020, which include onsite workshops at automotive design studios such as Volvo (April 2018), Volkswagen (November 2018), and Opel (July 2019), where I worked with professional designers from both vehicle interior and exterior departments. These events focused primarily on […]

SUMMARY Temporary architecture is one of trends in contemporary architecture. Nevertheless, structures that are constructed for the limited time scope were built in past too—temporality of structures and concepts, its intentional transience has been present in history since the very beginning. Temporary architecture was excluded from classical avant-garde architectural study programmes because the public felt […]

SUMMARY Cities are an economic and social phenomenon reflecting accelerating effects, as projected in their space and structure. With the advent of the information age and technological progress, the city has acquired a new attribute: the- smart city. The impact of innovation on every aspect of the current city is clear. Whether it be changes […]

SUMMARY What kinds of spaces, objects and shapes can represent cemeteries? Futuristic cemetery designs, and visions of funerary architecture of the future, express an entirely new approach to this topic. In comparison with the present day cemeteries, they explore new possibilities of working with space and material, intensify the usage of urban areas and emphasize […]