SUMMARY The term “Play” is naturally associated with children. It is the basis of emotional well-being and mental health of a child and affects its balanced development, whether psychologically or physically. “Play” is such an important component of human life that the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has acknowledged “Play” as […]

SUMMARY The article addresses the issue of spatial context of buildings of schools of architecture with regard to their institutional character and teaching methods. In the intersection of these two areas of study arise schools of various spatial forms, with respect to both their architectural image and spatial requirements, especially with respect to their different […]

SUMMARY The history of preservation of historic sites and buildings has been affected by continuous changes and development of views on methods of protection and restoration of architectural heritage. The reasons for these changes in the conceptual approach can be found in the constant transformation of social and economic situation, the impact of ideologies and […]


Irena Dorotjaková

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prof. Ing. arch. Ľubica Vitková, PhD. Institute of Urban Design and Planning Faculty of Architecture and Design STU, Bratislava, Slovakia Mgr. art. Katarína Zbudilová Institute of Design Faculty of Architecture and Design STU, Bratislava, Slovakia Ing. arch. František Dorko Institute of Interior and Exhibition Design Faculty of Architecture and Design STU, Bratislava, Slovakia […]

Čičmany ornaments in graphic and product design By Katarína Zbudilová The aim of the article is to map the development of ornaments from Čičmany village, their “journey” from the past to the present day, as they are currently the most used Slovak folk pattern, especially in the graphic and product design. In the beginning, the […]

SUMMARY International internships, professional experience and especially the creative discourse of doctoral students, as well as the goodwill of senior pedagogues to provide space for the next generation made it possible to conduct several pedagogical procedural experiments in the design courses taught at the Faculty of Architecture and Design at the Slovak University of Technology […]