SUMMARY This paper presents the case study of the wooden birdwatching platform DUNA located in the natural park of the dam Hrušovská zdrž on the river Danube – the processes of documentation, actual designing and its implementation, i.e. construction, as a joint EWCC student project (Experimental Wooden Climatic Chamber) between the Faculty of Architecture, STU […]

SUMMARY The rapid growth of urbanization has become chaling for research for most countries in world. Although the theme of urbanization is new in Afghanistan, but lately this sector is attracted to national and international entities in Afghanistan. This is considered to be one of the biggest obstacles that hinder achieving a sustainable future development, […]

SUMMARY The article deals with the term of transparency in architecture, which is related with start of modernism in architecture at turn of 19-tieth and 20-tieth century. From the beginning of 20-tieth century to nowadays transparency is the term of ambiguous interpretations. Transparency in modern architecture is connected with the search of glass transparency, which […]


Vladimír Šimkovič

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SUMMARY Materialization of the architectural object is accomplished based on the certain form of description – author’s notation. Architectural drawing, or other type of notation acts as stencil and architecture should be build accordingly. The process of architectural notation is at the same time a design tool. Development of knowledge, technologies and processes of notation, representation […]

Ing. arch. Irena Dorotjaková Faculty of Architecture STU, Bratislava, Slovakia Ing. arch. Martin Dubiny Institute of History and Theory of Architecture and Monument Preservation Faculty of Architecture STU, Bratislava, Slovakia Ing. arch. Jana Fečkaninová Institute of Public Buildings Faculty of Architecture STU, Bratislava, Slovakia Mgr. art. Lívia Kožušková Institute of Design Faculty […]