Art or not art at the FA STU

Jarmila Bencová


The present situation in our school of architecture is marked by the polemics on the amount and content of humanities in their curriculum. One of the interventions to the structure of the architects’ education is elimination of a compulsory subject “history of art”, which, since the origin of the school of architecture, has always had its own tradition, and moreover its own pedagogic importance as well. Comprehension of the task of art in a broader concept of the architectural work can be directly confronted with the tasks of architecture in society, with its social, cultural, economic and technical priorities. To join the education of “art” with the history of architecture in one subject called “Architecture and Art…” (of the given period), as it has been done since the school year 1994/95, shows the gradual diminishing of the inner compatibility of the creative and artistic disciplines, and the end of the artistic dimension of the architectural design as well. The paper reveals the inadequacy of thus approach to the education of art in relation to the position and credibility of the FA STU in the frame of the art and artistic educational institution.

Keywords: courses, architecture, FA STU, art, connection