Architecture of dwelling and its futuristic models: Dwelling and machine – a problematic relationship

Jaromír Krobot


The thesis deals with the issue of dwelling. On the platform of phenomenological approach, set by the essay of Martin Heidegger, it compares selected theories referring to the wide problem of dwelling in time sequence – starting with the era of pioneer modernism, to contemporary stage marked by broad usage of computers, transforming the architectural thinking as a whole. The goal is to attempt creating a continual theoretical model of future modifications of architectural dwelling space.

At this point, we tried to revise key theories dealing with the problem of dwelling – starting with analysis of Martin Heidegger´s text Building – Dwelling – Thinking, concentrating on basic elements that are traceable in consecutive works. That is the problem of building, the issue of language as a construction system, dwelling in connection with historical and local situations and (radical) shifts, appearing in these key points.

Keywords: architecture, dwelling, machine, futuristic models, openness