Architectural and material research of Peter Behrens synagogue in Žilina, Slovakia

Peter Szalay, Magdaléna Kvasnicová


The paper is going to shortly introduce current results of the architectural and restoration research of Neologic Synagogue in Žilina, Slovakia, the work of world famous German architect Peter Behrens. Ongoing investigation is a part of the conservation and conversion project within which several specialists of the field of heritage research from academic institutions (Faculty of Architecture of Slovak Technical University, Institute of Construction and Architecture, Slovak Academy of Sciences and Department of Restoration of Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava) collaborate together with nongovernmental organization “Nová synagóga”. The aim of the participating NGO, the initiator and investor of the heritage renovation of the synagogue is its conversion to the exhibition space, the so called “Kunsthalle”. As a member of the academic research team, I would like to present not only the research of the Synagogue architectural and historical “layers” but the whole concept and strategy of preservation and presentation of their values to the public as well. The main issue of my contribution is to bring up a discussion on questions related to the possibilities and boundaries of restoration and presentation of the modern movement architecture with the Behrens´s synagogue as its exceptional example.

Keywords: materials, Behrens Synagogue, historical heritage, architecture, Žilina, research, restoration