Abode of the homeless: Currect conditions of homeless shelters

Michal Czafík


The article deals with a current topic in the society – housing of homeless people in Bratislava and Nitra. The target groups are individually living people without permanent homes, whose main characteristic is their adaptability in the environment. The problem of housing of homeless people has been getting considerable lately as their number is increasing. The issue involves several disciplines of science, whereby in architecture it has not been sufficiently researched yet. As a basis for further research it is important to know the current localization of their shelters and the level of their social segregation in urban structures. Further it is necessary to examine the ways of accommodation and their physiological needs in context of Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs. The paper points out the essence of these aspects and deduces impulses for necessary humanization of housing environment in shelters in the near future.

Keywords: homeless, current state, architecture, social system, Slovakia, abode, comparison, shelter